Here we go! Updates no longer protected

My doctor called me at 7:30am this morning and was very excited to tell me my beta results. They are lower than I expected but nevertheless at a perfectly normal stage for 11dpo.

Beta #1 = 32!
Beta #2 = 115! Doubling time of 26hours!!

This weekend we intend to tell our very close immediate family and friends. As long as the numbers rise appropriately that is. It is very early and I understand that. However our family has been worried about us for some time and we would like to share with them some good news for once.

I have a full post on 1-14dpo symptom spotting that I’ve been keeping up on and will post that this weekend as well.

So for the good news!! The tests are getting darker by the minute people!!! This is totally foreign to me, as my tests have always gotten lighter NEVER darker. This mornings is double the darkness of yesterday mornings and more than double from Sunday’s. Today is 12dpo and my test looks like what I usually see from people at 14dpo!!

We are beyond amazed, relieved and excited. I just feel very happy and so grateful. I’m aware that anything could happen at this point and we are no where near out of the woods, but I don’t care. I’m allowing myself to soak up the happy and fantasize with my wife about our future child.

Whatever happens will happen and I will take it all day by day. The following picture shows yesterday’s tests. Bottom Wondfo is 11dpo and bottom FRER is also 11dpo.

I’m amazed that yesterday’s (11dpo) compared to Sunday’s (10dpo) is so different. I can hardly see the lines on 10dpo in comparison.


This next picture is this mornings FRER!! 12dpo!


First ultrasound has been scheduled for 6 weeks!! This is getting real y'all


Above is today 13dpo. Beta #2 is being processed, won’t know until tomorrow. Test is blazing though so I feel good. I took a digital weeks estimated too and it says 1-2, right on target.


That is how we are telling our moms. We will FaceTime Kates mom when we see mine and have them open them at the same time tonight!! They are gonna freak out!!


34 thoughts on “Here we go! Updates no longer protected

  1. I’m really glad the tests are getting darker. I hope they continue to do so. Random question, since you know more than I do about these things: what’s the sensitivity of the wondfos that come in purple and white packaging and have pink handles?

  2. Was this post supposed to be hidden? I’m confused. I remember seeing you posted a post about password protection…ahhhhhh.

    Anyway, congrats! My beta at 12dpo was 54, so yours sounds about right. πŸ™‚ Hoping for proper increases! πŸ˜€

  3. Congratulations!!! I’ve had one successful pregnancy and 3 chemicals, and those lines look really good, about the same darkness (and darkening pattern) as I had with my son. Happy New Year!!

  4. Yes! Finally! And my tests were pretty dark at 11 and 12 dpo too (they’re in my timeline if you’re interested). It made me wish I hadn’t wasted so much time squinting at things that weren’t there. When it’s there, it’s REALLY there. Congrats!

  5. Man, ya know I’m moved to tears on this post! I’m just so excited for your excitement! I can’t wait until you are able to be out of the woods – but I’m so glad that you are enjoying this in spite of your previous issues. I’m just so excited for you!!

  6. YAY!!! I am so freaking happy for you two! I have been so out of touch with my blog and all of yours lately and can’t believe I missed this amazing news! I am send you and your little one all the positive thoughts and prayers I have. So so happy for you! Congratulations!

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