Nervous Nelly and the Tale of the Last IUI

That sums it up. This is our last chance/last ditch effort at conceiving via IUI before moving onto IVF/FET in February. I’m nervous as all get out! Seriously I’m in the break room at work and I’m getting sick to my stomach with nerves.

I feel like it’s our first time all over again. All the same excitement, opposition, wonder and anxiety. Only, my wife could not come today, my body made things difficult to plan around this month for sure. So I’ll go this last one alone.

I know she will be at work thinking about it the whole time and I’ll be thinking of her the whole time so really I won’t be alone at all, just in the physical sense. Thank goodness I have nothing to do afterward so I can go home and relax.


I’m currently laying on the bed in the fertility clinics room after my very last IUI. The new donors count was over 16million (over the ten we wanted) so we decided to spare the last vial for Kate next year. I’m great up that it was a good count and the doctor seems pleased. I’ve been feeling ovulation pains/bloating and reassure since 9:30am and it’s now 3:00pm, so I am hoping we got the timing down well. Good count and good timing with four fully mature follicles sounds good.

Oh yeah…so a few days ago I got my follicles checked and I have a whopping 4 follicles between 24-27mm with a lining over 8.5mm. Thems’ some juicy apples lol.

The doctor said yet again “scary” and I replied with, “you always say that”. He does, this is the doc I see the most often but don’t like cause he is awkward and not good at IUIs. Again this time he poked the top of my uterus!! Grrrrr

Anywho, with my mom coming into town next Tuesday through Sunday this should be a very interesting and busy waiting season. Nonetheless still anxious I’m sure. I bought FRERs to start testing once a day around day 10 I think. I may wait longer.


19 thoughts on “Nervous Nelly and the Tale of the Last IUI

  1. I really hope your IUI works, but whatever has to happen, you will make it work. No one said this would be easy, and it’s important to be prepared. If you have to escalate this, you can. You’re so young, and you can make this happen, one way or another.

    All that said, this cycle is still out, and I’m SO excited for you that it will work!

  2. Lucky it’s a nice busy te of the year to make that TWW go faster. In my successful try I managed to force myself to wait till day 13piui to test. (Really only because it was our thirteenth try so the numbers sounded good lol). It was hard but so much better (for someone who had always tested from 10dpo as I’d had a BFP at that stage before. Try and gold on as long as you can – it’s so much less crazy making seriously!!! Much luck.

    • Thank you. I do want to wait as long as possible this cycle. Mainly because since i didnt trigger this cycle i can breathe easy knowing if i see a line it truly is a BFP. However my mother will be here next week so i think i may test the day before or day of that she leaves (9/10dpo) cause i would love the ability to tell her in person.

  3. Gosh, I relly hope this is your cycle! Seems like there have been a lot of positives in the blogosphere lately, so the luck is bound to be heading over to you next! Crossing everything over here!

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