OPK’s are dumb….continued……

Last night I tested again with a CBE standard and a Wondfo at around 9pm to see if the CBE would be positive yet since the Wondfo was earlier in the day. The Wondfo’s test line was much darker than the control line, which has never happened, and the CBE was very close but still not TOTALY positive.

That’s a 7 hour gap between test times. So my thought is that I caught my LH peak last night on the Wondfo because of the darker test line. I think the CBE’s are total shit. This morning I tested (not first morning urine) and had a normal positive on the Wondfo, both lines equally as dark as expected, and the CBE is now negative. WTF?! Stupid CBE’s, I suddenly have much more faith in the Wondfo’s.

My faith in both will be tested very soon. I got an earlier appointment with my RE for an ultrasound at 10am instead of 3:30pm, and I’m waiting to get my blood drawn for my LH and Progesterone now. The results should be available in a few hours so hopefully my RE can view those at my ultrasound appointment this morning. My CM last night was half watery with a little egg white in there. This morning I have full on egg white CM, my cervix is high and starting to soften and feels open.

I’m not waiting for my ultrasound appointment and didn’t get my blood drawn cause the results would not have been available until tomorrow or Saturday.

The left side of my uterus is feeling particularly active today as well. I can “feel” it doing something and I think I felt myself ovulate around 9am this morning.


Ahhhh!!! Craziness! Just finished my ultrasound and I had one follicle at 24mm about to release and my biggest one had JUST released. We could see the collapsed follicle with fluid around it. My RE got excited and started calling to find someone to do the IUI at the clinic where our sperm is. I should be getting my IUI done in the next few hours. I feel like this as close to perfect timing as we will ever be and my body is showing every sign of it.

So here goes #6!!! Not 7 like I said before whoops. I’m so excited. PS my wife’s cutting her hair tomorrow and I’m freaking out in the best way!!

45 thoughts on “OPK’s are dumb….continued……

  1. Good for you for following your instincts and keeping on top of this! Life never aligns this perfectly. I have good feelings about this one for you

  2. YAY! When we got pregnant, our IUI got moved up by a day because my wife just felt like things were happening quicker than the RE had thought they would, so they moved our appointment up and BAM! we caught the follicles just in perfect time. I am hoping that you’ve caught it in time and this IUI does the trick! Sounds like everything’s happening the way it should – good for you listening to your body and instincts!

  3. Oh my god!!!!!!!! Such an exciting day! I am so happy for you!!!!!!! Those wondofo’s were right!!

  4. Good luck!!! I hope this one goes as perfectly as your timing is!
    Oddly, I got a positive OPK today (which is weird as it’s the first time I tested this cycle and I had figured it would be stress-delayed about job stuff).

  5. Wow this is exciting! I’m so glad it’s time for another round already! I hope you’re being fertilized! Good luck and can’t wait to see your wife’s hair.

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